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At Shop Dawgz Design,

we aim to provide

custom items 

for any occasion,

or for no occasion.

Each project is made

to order to ensure

it is exactly

how you want it.

world map made with copper, wood, and LED backlights

Old Made New

Gifts Made Just for You

We love working together with you to create new ideas, or tweaking current ideas to make them your own. Check out what we've done in the gallery, on our Instagram and Facebook, or come to the Keller Farmers Market.   Always working on new items, sometime to many at the same time, but eventually they all get completed.......almost.....eventually.  :-)   Along the way as we work on your project we wills end some progress photos to let you know how things are progressing.

Contact Us

Contact us through email or submit a message.  We also have a booth at the Keller Farmers Market.  The Market starts back up April 23, 2022 and we plan to attend most weekends.

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